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Surety Acceptance Corporation

We are Surety Acceptance Corporation

Founded in 1973, Surety Acceptance Corporation, (SAC), was formed to assist local business owners in meeting their collections needs.

The Surety management team has over 100 years of industry experience and is providing consumer, medical and commercial collection services throughout the Southwest.

Our staff combines talent, experience, and training to ensure you have the best combination of people and technology working on recovering your money as quickly as possible. We concentrate on recovering your money without alienating your customer.

Our collectors, administrators, skip tracers, and support staff have extensive experience in the collections business. They know what works, and what does not.

We have a corporate commitment to compliance which meets and/or exceeds industry standards. We have an internal Compliance Department to ensure compliance with all Federal, State, and local laws. Surety Acceptance Corporation is licensed and bonded in all states that require a license and/or bond to operate as a collection agency.

Our own training academy is our exclusive collector training program which is specifically designed to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations governing our business activity. All of our collectors are highly trained, giving you peace of mind knowing compliance issues will not tarnish your good name.

Our training program consists of initial training in FDCPA, FCRA, HIPAA and Data Security before any collector is allowed to interact with a debtor. This is followed by additional intensive, comprehensive training and coaching throughout their probationary period. Even our experienced collectors enjoy ongoing classes and recurring testing to ensure continued compliance with ever changing rules.

Letting us provide a solution can help reduce the frustration of debt recovery, by letting us pursue your delinquent accounts while you focus on your business. Our solutions range from giving notice by sending collection letters informing the debtor to pay before any damage to their credit occurs, to working out payment plans that can help a debtor budget the debt, or litigating the claim if a debtor refuses to pay.

Simply Put, Surety works harder....!

On average, Surety makes 30% more calls and sends three times more letters than the average collection agency. Debtors will often pay a collection agency even though they never cooperated with the original creditor, mainly because collection agencies typically increase the psychological anxiety associated with a debt. Second, the debtor will understand that the creditor is serious about collecting their money. Also, many debtors are wary of the impact that a collection account can have on their credit score.

We also make a substantial investment in the recruiting of the best collectors available in the marketplace.

At Surety, we utilize Columbia Ultimate Business Services (CUBS®). They provide Surety with a fully automated work environment.
All of our technology in combination allows us to maintain lower account to representative ratio to maximize coverage and generate faster debtor contact.

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Want more reasons?

Our highly experienced and creative skip department can find even the toughest to locate debtors. We have a rigorous skip-tracing process using the very best tools in the industry to find business and personal information including employment, current addresses, home phones, and cell phones. Detailed asset reports are run, as well as a current credit report to determine a debtor’s true financial situation and borrowing availability.

Surety Acceptance Corporation's Skip tracing Department utilizes some of the following methods to locate debtors:

Credit bureau reports/business corporate information

Dun & Bradstreet reports

In-house telephone/address database

Databases containing over 100 million business and residential listings

We find that using the resources of our Skip tracing Department results in a higher percentage of net recovery to our client.