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Established in Tucson, Arizona in 1973, Surety Acceptance Corporation, (SAC), was formed to assist local business owners in meeting their collections needs.

Collection Enforcement


Have you obtained a judgment and had difficulty collecting your money? We can help! We find their property. Then we send you a check. It will cost you nothing. We provide quality debt collection and judgment enforcement. All recovery and enforcement procedures are handled in-house with professional asset skip-tracers and staff investigators. 

Don’t take your unpaid debt lightly. Hiring a professional team of collectors can be one of the smartest financial moves you can make. If you are owed money, you deserve to get it. Here, at Surety Acceptance Corporation, we know exactly how it feels to not get the money we’re owed, this is why we go above and beyond the standards when it comes to our debt recovery efforts.

No risk


Surety Acceptance operates on a performance only basis. When we perform, we get paid. Our motivation is to get your money back in your hands, where it belongs. We know that until we do so, we will not be paid. We can collect on debt that is two or even three years old, even if you have already written the debt off.

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Why choose Surety?

At Surety Acceptance Corporation, we have two goals in mind, collecting the money that you’re rightfully due and preserving the relationship you established with your customer..

  • No recovery, NO FEE.
  • Simply Put, Surety works harder....!
  • On average, Surety makes 30% more calls and sends three times more letters than the average collection agency.

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Ask About our NO COST collection services

We are a full service collection agency offering a complete range of collection services including litigation and post judgment collection work. We represent medical practices of all sizes, medical billing groups, and medical insurance companies, as well as a wide range of commercial businesses such as rental properties, management companies, and a variety of retail and professional firms.
All accounts are diligently worked on a contingency fee so if there is no recovery there is no fee. We operate on a performance-only basis; when we perform, we get paid. Our motivation is to get your money back in your hands, where it belongs. We know that until we do so, we will not be paid. Accordingly, our motivation is propelled by mutual success and is result oriented.
It is an established fact that with every month that goes by, an outstanding debt has a lower chance of ever being fully collected. At the 3 month and 6 month marks, there are dramatic decreases in chances of collection. Our clients recognize the value of placing accounts out to collection as quickly as possible.
Don't Wait! Time is of the essence. It is critical that your collection efforts begin before you lose your opportunity to collect the debt that is legitimately owed to you. Regardless of the reason that the debt became delinquent, you stand a much better chance of recovering all or some of the debt with prompt action.